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17 Mei 2011

10 Reasons To Love Apple

Dasa Warta - Apple Inc. was established by Steve Jobs and his friends Steve Woznaik and Ronald Wayne in 1 April 1976. Their general focus was to manufacture and sell efficient computers and they found a great deal of success in this department. But in 2007 Apple’s fame skyrocketed when they introduced iPhone and iPod touch in the market. After the release of iPhone, Apple became the leader in the smartphones market because of the new touch technology and new features they used in iPhone. The following years we saw the upgrade versions of iPhone i.e. iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Following the success of iPhone and iPod Apple manufactured a large screen touch Tablet computer iPad in 2010 along with its successor iPad 2 in 2011 which were highly successful. With so many amazing and mind blowing devices Apple has thus established itself as the leading company in computers and phones market. So after gathering all this information about Apple I have decided to share some of the reason that why we love Apple’s devices. Here are the top 10 reasons.
 10 Reasons To Love Apple


Well no one gives you the reliability like Apple. I don’t think that those guys who use iPhone, iPad or iPod might need an explanation about reliability. Simply Apple is the most reliable company in the market.

Elegant design:

Apple has mastered the art of designing. There extremely unique designs has won the heart of millions of the people and this is the main reason that why Apple is always on top. The clear example of this point is iPhone, iPad and iPod. And who can forget the old Mac mini.

The App store:

Here is another reason that Apple devices are loved around the world. You can browse and download your desired applications via iTunes Store anytime you want. I want to share another very interesting fact here that on January 22 2011, the 10th billion app was downloaded from Apple App Store.

The iPhone:

No one would ever imagine that iPhone will become such a mind blowing and amazing Smartphones. The race between the smartphones was won by Apple when they delivered one of the most miraculous devices in the form of iPhone. So much in one device, that’s surely a reason to love Apple.

The Touch:

Apple has the best touchscreen interface in the market. Its extremely effortless touch capability allows the user to use the Apple devices very smoothly. This is one of the main reason that why Apple has always been the leader.

Virus Free:

Apple has strongly proved itself in this department. Their own operating system Mac OS and its related software are highly secured from Trojan and malware. This is the relevant reason to love Apple.

Easy Networking and Sharing:

After a deep research I found out that Apple provides the best networking and sharing than any other. As technology is revolutionizing day by day and now internet has been available even in the phones now, Apple once again has won the race in networking department. And what else the users want.

Steve Jobs:

The genius Steve Jobs has always been in the limelight for his genius creations and distinctive ideas. He is the founder of Apple Inc. and back in 1990s he played a key role in making Apple Inc .successful as it is today. I don’t think that anyone can replace him in Apple Inc. and take my word that also in the future he will continue to blow your mind with his intellectual products.

Apple TV:

Introduce in 2006 and modified in 2010 with new features, Apple TV is one of the mind blowing technology released by Apple. It allows the user to use an HDTV to view photos, play music, and watch video that originates from the near Wi-Fi or Local Area Network. How cool is that.


The most interesting thing about Apple is that they develop their own software that run in Macs, their own operating system. The most frequently used software develop by Apple are iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, iWeb and Garageband, and that is not all they have also millions of apps available from other developers too. That’s an interesting fact that Apple has conquered the market with their own developments plus with the development packages they have offered to third party and freelance developers.

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