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30 Mei 2011

Top 10 Gold Producing Countries | Top 10 Negara penghasil Emas Di Dunia

Dasa Warta - Hello Friend's, Gold is a dense,soft,shiny,metal and the most malleable and ductile metal known.Gold is the least chemically reacted element in world.The world consumption of the gold produced is 50 % in jewelery,40 % in investments and 10 % in industry , beside this it has variety of uses in different things such as monitory ,exchange ,investment ,jewellery ,medicine ,food and drink ,industry and electronic chemistry.Now we will discuss about the top ten countries producing gold.

Following list contains top 10 Gold producing countries

10). Ghana:

Ghana’s gold production greater 1 million fine ounces in 1987 up to 327,000.In early 1990 Ghana largest gold produce.It’s overall share of the domestic gold market was decline from 80% to 60% as other operators industry.The gold production in Ghana is 66,205.

9). Uzbekistan:

It is producing 84,000 gold .Uzbekistan is the ninth largest gold producer.Gold primary metal produced in Uzbekistan.Most of its reserved are located in Central Kyzyl-Kum .The mine produces enough gold to make it world’s seventh largest gold produced.

8). Mali:

The output for 2010 is increased on the 49.5 tomes.Mali will have to produced by the end of 2009 .According to Waly Diawara the head of the mines and geology department in Mali’s ministry of mines.Althrough Mali’s produced 85,411 golds.

7). Canada:

In Canada low price of gold and the reduction of reserves is responsible for the closed of nine mining operations.Overall the past two years in the end of 2002 there were 30 mines left in Canada.Canada produced 104,198.

6). Russia:

IT was having difficult time in expanding in production of gold.It was because reserves at existing enterprise were being reduce and gold mining companies were suffering greater difficulties in obtaining licenses to mine new deposits.Russia produced159,340 golds.

5). Peru:

Rio Huaypetue mine is largest gold mine in Peru.The Cusco region and near to the border with Madre de Dios and Puno.It is been estimated at point of production in 1998.Some of te world annual gold production have come from Huaypetue.It produced 203,268.

4). United states:

It has taken place continuously since gold was discover in Reed Farm in 1799.The first time gold was introduced in Virginia in 1782.The gold production was increased in United States in the year of 1980.Because of high gold prices.Its produced 242,000 golds.

3). Australia:

It’s gold production begun in 1890 in Western Australia.It’s first point in 1903 which produced 50 tonnes of gold anually.In 1920 Western Australia was only state in Australia to produced produced 247,000.

2). China:

China produced 247,200.It’s one of the earliest cultures begin making of jewellery in Asia.They were the chinese around 500 years ago.Their designs were very religion-oriented and contained.The traditions of the country is still continues till now.

1). South Africa:

South Africa is the top gold producing country .It produced 272,128 golds.It is been the source for large world’s gold supply.50% of all gold ever produced have come from South Africa.It’s production in 1970 counted for 79% of the world supply.
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